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WiFi Calling Not Working On AT&T: 4 Ways To Fix

WiFi calling, is one example of a cool feature with great technology. This makes calling from the phone much more enjoyable and easier. Wi-Fi calling not only gives you better signal coverage and stronger signal strength but also makes your voice sound clearer, crisper, and you are free from any issues such as distortion, noise, voice crackling, or voice loss.

There are a few things you can do to fix Wi-Fi calling issues at AT&T:

AT&T WiFi calling not working

1 Phone Compatibility

If you want to use Wi-Fi calling or set up a new phone, compatibility is important. You will need to know that your phone handles all data communication. It should also be compatible with voice calls over Wi-Fi networks.

You should verify this by contacting the OEM that you purchased the phone or AT&T if leasing a phone. They will be able confirm whether your phone supports the feature. They can also confirm that your phone supports Wi-Fi calling on the AT&T network.

2 Account

You will also need to verify your account details. Make sure that AT&T WiFi calling is enabled on your account. Logging on to your AT&T account via the website or mobile app that you use will allow you to verify it. This will ensure that you are able to make the most of your account without any problems with Wi-Fi calling.

It is important to ensure that your AT&T plan supports AT&T WiFi calling and that it has the correct credit.

3) Internet Access

Internet is an important aspect that you need to verify if your Wi-Fi calling function isn’t working. It is important to make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is working properly.

4) Reboot

Sometimes the problem is not related to any of these factors. It could be a minor bug that causes you all the trouble you need. To do that, simply make sure you have gone through all of the above steps. After that, you’ll need to power cycle your phone.

Turn off your phone for a few seconds and then let it cool down. You can then turn your phone back on to resolve the issue.


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