AT&T Text Messages Not Sending: 4 Ways To Fix

AT&T is not only reliable for phone calls and internet service, but they also have a reasonably robust network that can handle a wide range of text and multimedia messages. Their network is relatively fast, and there are no problems with sending or receiving messages on the AT&T network when everything is working properly. This allows you to maintain a competitive advantage in communication over the AT&T carrier even when you are unable or unwilling to accept calls.

Their text messaging services are also very affordable, and here are some steps that you should take if your AT&T text messages are not being delivered to their intended recipients.

Text Messages from AT&T are not being delivered

1. Start the phone by pressing the power button

Some issues with the phone, such as a minor error, can cause a cascade of problems on the backend, making it difficult to resolve the issue. Among these are some messages that are not sent because of processing problems, network issues, or anything else. They will become stuck in your inbox and will not be delivered to the recipient.

You must restart your phone once, and then attempt to send the messages again after it has been restarted. This will be working out for you the majority of the time, and you can easily make it work for you in certain situations. Just make sure that after you have restarted your computer, you attempt to send the stuck messages again.

2) The scope of coverage

Another major reason for you to experience such difficulties is a lack of sufficient coverage on your phone, and if you do not have sufficient coverage on your phone to send out these text messages, they will become stuck on your phone. You must ensure that the signal strength is adequate and that there are no such issues as those mentioned above.

If you suspect that this is being caused by the coverage issue that you are experiencing, it would be best if you tried relocating your location. Even if you are seeing a bar or two of signals on your screen, it is possible that the signal strength is not sufficient to transmit the information successfully.

3) Monthly Subscription

You must check that your AT&T subscription is active and that it is not suspended or experiencing any other problems before proceeding. Well, it is really straightforward, and it is possible that you do not have the appropriate subscription on your account for the service you are attempting to access.

It is also necessary to ensure that the package that you are using to send out the messages has sufficient space on its internal hard drive and memory. If you do not have the SMS option included in your package, you will need to upgrade your plan in order to be able to send messages through the AT&T wireless network.

4) Messaging Preferences

Message settings are just as vital as phone settings, and you must make sure that they are done correctly. While most current smartphones can automatically pick up their settings when connected to the AT&T network, it’s possible that you’ve made a mistake and messed things up, or that there’s anything else wrong with it. In order to resolve this, you must first restore the default messaging app settings and the messages settings in the network settings to their default values before restarting your phone. This will assist you in effectively eliminating the problem, and you will not have to deal with it in the future.

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