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3 Ways To Fix AT&T Fiber Not Getting Full Speed

AT&T, a well-known telecommunications company in America, is one of the most prominent. They offer a variety of telephone services as well as hardware equipment that are related to network technology. These include routers, modems, range extenders, and modems. There are many options available to the user. All of the devices are equipped with amazing features. It also offers internet services to its customers.

They offer fiber internet that is very fast and comes in multiple packages. They can be selected from a variety of bandwidths and users can choose anyone. You can also change your package at any time by calling the company. Some AT&T Fiber customers have complained that they don’t get the full speed of their devices. We will provide you with some steps to fix this issue.

How do I fix AT&T Fiber not getting full speed?

Power Cycle ONT

If you recently upgraded your internet package, or have been using it for a while. If your ONT box is connected to fiber internet, you will need to power cycle it. It is recommended that you power cycle your ONT box once per month to ensure that there are no issues with your internet. Start by turning off the ONT Box, which is the white box in your setup.

Now, remove the gateway wire from your device. This can be identified by looking at the back of the box. The port for the gateway cable should be red. After waiting for the startup to complete, turn on your ONT box once more. After a while, you will see the blinking LED lights to become more stable. Plugin the gateway cable again and watch for the broadband light to return. After some time, the broadband light should be stable and you should no longer have a problem.

Use Wired Connect

AT&T claims users will experience the fastest possible speed with their fiber internet. This only applies to wired connections. However, the company cannot guarantee that wireless connections will work as well. When setting up a wireless setup, there are many variables. You need to consider your walls and the distance between your devices, as well as interference from any other networks. A wired connection is the best choice for users in these situations. This will ensure that you receive the fastest speeds possible at all times.

Contact Customer Service

Sometimes, internet speed issues can be caused by your ISP’s backend. AT&T offers great customer service. You can reach them and tell them your problem. The brand should resolve the problem if it was performing maintenance on its servers. However, it is better to alert the brand if you notice a problem. The company will do its best to fix it as quickly as possible. It might take some time, so be patient.



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