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Asus Router Keeps Disconnecting From Internet


ASUS Router Keeps Disconnecting From Internet: 5 Fixes

Asus is known for producing some of the most dependable routers available, which also have improved performance and come with a performance guarantee that there will be no connectivity problems or speed faults. On the other hand, there are a few potential causes that could explain why your router is not providing you with the best possible performance or is giving you some trouble. One of these scenarios is when your router is linked to a power source, your wireless network stays active, but the router repeatedly loses its connection to the internet. You will lose internet connectivity, and a red light will appear on the internet symbol on your router if there is a problem. Alternatively, you may find it out by taking a careful look at your equipment. If you are experiencing such problems, the following are some actions that you can take to improve the situation:

The ASUS Router Continues to Become Disconnected From the Internet

1) Ensure that the ethernet connection is secure.

Checking your ethernet connection should be the very first thing you do when attempting to diagnose and fix the problem. It is rather easy; all you have to do is disconnect the ethernet connection from your router and reconnect it to another device that supports ethernet connectivity, such as a personal computer (PC), a laptop computer (laptop), or a smart television (smart TV). Now, begin using the internet to determine whether or not it disconnects straight on the ethernet connection.

If it does, you need to check all of your equipment, including the cable to see if it appears to be damaged in any way or if it has any sharp bends, as well as the connectors. This ought to be plenty to aid you, and you should now be able to determine the cause of this issue. If you are unable to locate any issue or if it continues to disconnect on the other device as well, you will have to get in touch with your internet service provider in order to receive support.

Nevertheless, if your internet connection is operating normally when plugged in straight to a different ethernet port, this is a good sign. That indicates that there is a problem with your router that has to be fixed, and the instructions for doing so are provided below.

2) Restart your router

In this situation, the first thing that makes sense to take is to restart your router. There is a possibility that it is hung up at a certain point, which could be the root of the problem that you are experiencing. You should be able to use the internet normally once more after restarting your router, which should fix any problems you were having.

3) Make sure that the connection settings are metered.

Some routers have the option to set up a metered connection, which helps users keep their bandwidth consumption under control. If you have access to the login panel of your router, you will need to check to see if there are any metered connection settings that are preventing your router from connecting to the internet. If there are, you may choose to disable them completely or configure them in accordance with your strategy in order to prevent having to deal with problems of this nature.

4) Return your router’s settings to their factory defaults.

In the event that you are still unable to resolve the issue, you will be required to restore the factory settings of your router. Either by login into your administration portal or by pressing the reset button on the back of your router, you will be able to do this task. If you reset your router, all of the settings will be deleted for you, and it should begin functioning normally once more without any problems.

5) Consult a technician

If none of the aforementioned options have worked for you and you are still receiving the same disconnection issues even after attempting all of these, you need to speak with a professional who can examine your router and provide you with assistance in finding a solution to the problem.


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