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Associate in Computer Science Program Guide

Computer science graduates create the programs that power modern life, including the apps that run our phones and cars. They create websites, code online banking apps, and make video games. Mark Zuckerberg, a computer science graduate, founded Facebook and is now one of the richest men in the world.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology professionals made a median annual income of $91,250 in 2020 according to BLS. Computer science requires strong math and logic skills. Computer science careers are for those who love solving difficult problems.

Do I need an associate in computer science?

A two-year associate degree is enough to allow you to enter the workforce faster.

A computer science associate degree is the first step in pursuing a career as a web developer, program manager, or support specialist. For those who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree or higher, this degree can be a great starting point.

A computer science associate degree can be completed online or onsite in two years. This allows you to enter the workforce faster. Many students can work part-time while pursuing their degrees.

The BLS projects that computer programmers will lose their jobs between 2019-2029. However, web developers, as well as computer support professionals, are expected to increase. To showcase their skills and increase their employability, computer programmers can get certifications. Microsoft certifications and the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Credential are two of the most popular.

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What will I learn in the Computer Science Associate Programs?

Associate programs in computer science teach students object-oriented programming. This allows them to communicate effectively, solve problems and create and use mathematical algorithms. Enrollees typically learn two to three programming languages. They might also learn general-purpose programming.

The number of computer languages that are taught varies from one school to the next. They may include C++ or JavaScript, Visual Basic, and even JavaScript. Software engineering, web development, and object-oriented programming are some of the courses offered to students. The curriculum includes programming classes as well as advanced math classes in calculus, discrete mathematics, and other subjects.

Some colleges offer an associate in science (AS) degree in computer science, while others offer an associate with applied science (AAS). An AS is designed to prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges, while AAS allows them to enter the workforce immediately.

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What can I do with an associate in computer science?

Nearly every industry requires computer programmers, web developers, or computer support specialists. Computer science graduates can find work in many industries including finance, fashion, and automotive. Holders of a computer science degree can often find a job that matches their interests and strengths.

Associate degree holders in computer science may be eligible to work as web developers, computer support specialists, or computer programmers. A bachelor’s degree is required for other computers science jobs, such as database administrator, software developer, information security analyst, and software developer.

What is the Maximum I Can Make as a Computer Science Associate?

Computer science degree-holders have a wide range of salaries. In 2020, computer support specialists made an average annual salary of $55,510, while computer programmers made $89,190. In 2020, web developers made a median salary of $77 200, while computer system administrators made $84,810.

Remember that these professionals may have a bachelor’s degree, which could lead to higher salaries.


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