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Arris XG1v4 Review: Is It A Right Choice?

Because TV and entertainment are the only way to relax after a hard day at work, they have been an integral part of our lives. There are many devices available that can improve your TV viewing experience. Arris also has the Arris XG1V4, a perfect digital video recorder that will revolutionize how you watch TV and other entertainment. We are sharing our Arris XG1V4 reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Review of the Arris XG1v4

This latest cable box and DVR are designed by Comcast. It features HD support which optimizes the user’s experience. The set includes a DVR box that can be connected to the additional cable boxes so you can view recorded programs on TV. Access to the content is possible via smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and computers. Even though the storage space is limited, the Arris XG1V4 offers convenient functionality and performance.


This product offers HD digital functions that make it easy to access high quality content in top-notch image quality. The connectivity features of the Arris XG1V4 are numerous, including the USB Port, HDMI Port and the Ethernet Port. The integrated sports app optimizes user experience and provides 500GB of storage.

The Arris XG1V4 can be used to access cloud DVRs. It also has an HDMI port that allows for easy connection. Voice remotes simplify the user experience. It may take some time to get used to the layout and style, but it is really easy once you do.

The backlit keypad makes it easy for you to use the remote in the dark. The voice control and skip feature optimize recording standards. You can also use the smartphone app to control your remote (available for both Android and iOS users). The smartphone app (remote controller) can also be used for voice commands.

The Arris XG1V4 has the on-screen menus, guides and is inspired by online streaming services. This was done to improve the user experience. Although the Arris XG1V4 is a beautiful design, it can sometimes be slow. If you don’t update your firmware or software, the lag will increase.

Different channel logos have been integrated into the display to simplify access to different channels. It can improve the performance and functionality of the apps. To ensure that there are no lags or hindrances in audio and video output, the HDMI and Coaxial F cable can be used.

The Arris XG1V4 has Bluetooth antennas, which allows you to connect your Bluetooth device to stream the audio. Bluetooth connectivity is limited as you can only pair one device at once. The next-generation video gateway Arris XG1V4 was designed to meet the requirements of the industry.


  • The Arris XG1V4 has been designed to provide a high-quality, integrated viewing experience for HD and On-Demand content.
  • The interface of ArrisXG1V4 is user-friendly, which allows for easy use and does not compromise on performance or functionality
  • Smartphone apps can be used to monitor and control the interface.


  • The storage space is much smaller than other products in the same niche.
  • There is no power button or front panel button
  • The interface does not have a clock

The Final Verdict

If you are wondering if Arris XG1V4 might be the right product for you, then the primary goal of the product development was to improve the user experience with television. We love the seamless installation of the Arris XG1V4. It is an agile DVR. The only problem with Arris XG1V4 storage is the fact that it is not ideal for those who want to save recorded content.


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