Compare Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless vs Arctis 7

Comparing the Arctis Pro Wireless to the Arctis 7
Is it worthwhile to pay for Arctis Pro Wireless when Arctis 7 can be purchased for a much more affordable price? Even though Arctis 7 is more affordable, can it really live up to the praise it has received in so many reviews? Let’s check out the comparison and see how these two incredible gaming headphones stack up against one another.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 headphones are designed to offer the user the highest level of comfort possible, together with wireless functionality and next to no sound leakage. The internal workings of the headphones have been tailored to meet the specific requirements of gamers. It works exceptionally well with personal computers, PlayStations, and Nintendo Switch. (It is compatible with Xbox 1, although the picture quality isn’t quite as sharp as it is with the other consoles.)

Although the Arctis 7 is the more advanced model, there isn’t a huge amount of differentiation between the two designs because they have very comparable aesthetics. Your head will feel supported by the headband’s modest padding and the figure-hugging material it is made of. There are straps on the side that may be adjusted to customise the fit of the band. However, there are some issues with the headband when glasses are worn. The experience of using Arctis 7 while wearing eyeglasses is not as comfortable as one may anticipate. You won’t experience any discomfort even after wearing them for four to five hours straight. You are able to move your head freely without causing any disturbances or interfering with the quality because to the band’s secure fit.

Arctis 7, in contrast to the majority of other gaming headsets, is not intended to have an appearance that is as aesthetically pleasant with LED strips or neon illumination. The only light that is accessible is the blinking light that appears when the microphone is muted. It is essentially a set of wireless headphones, but users also have the option of connecting the headphones to their devices using a standard 3.5mm audio connection. The Arctic 7 features a noise-cancelling microphone that also enhances the clarity of your voice, making it the most effective microphone currently available on the market.

The Arctic 7 has a very long battery life. However, if your headset does run out of energy, you can simply attach the audio wire and continue to enjoy superior sound quality without having to worry about charging it right away. This feature allows it to last approximately 24 hours on a single charge. During the debut of the SteelSeries Arctis 7, the company made the claim that the battery will last for 15 hours. Following then, the updates brought the total battery life up to 24 hours.

SteelSeries GameDAC is compatible with the headphone jack on the headset. It is a bonus, but you will need to pay extra money in order to take advantage of it. In the event that you have an affinity for the GameDAC, your best bet is to go with the Arctis 7 model. In point of fact, the audio quality offered by Arctis 7 is of the highest calibre even if you do not purchase the GameDAC. Even without the GameDAC, Arctis 7 is capable of producing sounds that are accurate and detailed. It aids in distinguishing between sounds that are jumbled together. However, with the help of the GameDAC, the sounds may be honed in even further and simplified significantly.

When it comes to gaming, the surround sound is a fairly helpful feature to have. You are able to clearly hear footfall and locate the direction in which they are coming from. The work that was done on the bass is outstanding. You are going to take great pleasure in the vivid imagery and realistic noises. Additionally, his sound quality is fantastic for use in music. Even if it is functioning properly, the bass is still under control. In the meantime, the range is so distinct that you are able to differentiate between the various instruments. This performance is very stunning in terms of the vocals.

Another advantage that jumps out at you right away is that the sound system on the Arctis 7 is significantly more powerful than the sound system on the Arctis Pro Wireless. Because of the amazing sound it delivers, you won’t need to crank up the volume as much as you normally would.

Pro version of Arctis Wireless

The Arctis Wireless Pro works with both a personal computer and a PlayStation. It is not possible to link SteelSeries to Xbox because the company does not work with Microsoft and its products are wireless.

At first glance, these two headsets appear to be incredibly similar to one another due to the nearly same design that they share, which includes a padded headband and a strap that can be adjusted in a variety of ways. In the same way as the Arctis 7, it maintains the aesthetic of a gamer while simultaneously presenting an exquisite appearance. containing no lights and boasting a sleek design. The earpieces have breathable padding that provides comfort and allows the user to wear the headphones continuously for several hours without experiencing the typical fatigue.

The performance may differ, despite the fact that they are practically identical in appearance and feature a versatile headphone strap that is shaped in a figure-hugging position. Because the shape of the Arctis Pro Wireless headphones allows the headphone pieces to be closer together because of the slightly curved strap, this causes the headphones to be pressed tighter against the head, which many people do not like because it causes fatigue and headaches after continuous use for a number of hours.

For use with sports and fitness activities, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless offers an exceptional level of comfort. In terms of performance for gaming, the headset is remarkable. Your visit will be more enjoyable as a result of the soundproofing. It has a sound leakage level that ranges from zero to none, just like the Arctis 7. The noise-cancelling capability of the Arctis Pro Wireless headphones is exceptional, making them a winner for active TV viewers and gamers alike. The wireless configuration offers the highest possible level of cosiness, just as its name says.

Arctis Pro Wireless, in contrast to Arctis 7, comes with a Bluetooth option that enables users to connect with their mobile phones. On the headset, there is a button that can be used to activate or deactivate the Bluetooth connection.

The interchangeable battery packs are an intriguing new feature. According to the instructions, you are supposed to be able to use one battery while the other one is charging. When the one that was being used can no longer be used, you can switch between them. The interchangeable battery serves as an alternative to the audio jack because the headset does not have one. Each battery has a lifespan of approximately 20 hours, but again, it isn’t as easy as being able to simply plug in a wire to ensure that your experience isn’t disrupted.

In all honesty, the sound quality of the Arctis Pro Wireless is exceptional. The performance of the bass is quite good. The authentic throbbing sounds, as well as the ignition, will assist you in focusing your attention. The headphones are great for watching TV as well as listening to music. The microphone, on the other hand, isn’t all that impressive. Receiver users frequently have concerns about the presence of unfiltered background noise during gameplay.

On the other hand, when contrasted with Arctis 7, there is not a discernible difference. Although Arctis Pro Wireless comes with a number of improvements, the performance is not affected in any way by these additions.


The Arctis Pro Wireless comes with the same specifications and functions as its cheaper counterpart, but it comes at a higher price and has a few drawbacks, such as the need to replace batteries and a curved head strap. While Arctis 7 is more affordable and comes with the possibility of using an audio cable that has an ergonomically friendly design. In addition, Arctis 7 offers more value for the money than its predecessor. It already has an outstanding noise-cancelling microphone in addition to its tremendous sound quality. In most cases, this also results in a longer battery life. The most appropriate response is Arctic 7.

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