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How to Enable & Disable Amazon Prime Subtitles On Roku?

Amazon Prime provides a plethora of entertainment options, including unique material that is created by Amazon itself. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to watch some of the most recent movies, TV shows, and other things at your leisure. Roku now has an application for Amazon Prime, which you can use to view all of the unique content available through the Amazon Prime service. Subtitles are available on all of the content that may be streamed through Amazon Prime as well. What follows is a step-by-step guide to enabling subtitles and accessing subtitle choices.

How to Enable/Disable Amazon Prime Subtitles on a Roku Device

To begin, you’ll need to press the home button on your Roku remote to bring up the menu. To access accessibility, you must first navigate to the settings menu on the homepage and then select Accessibility. In the accessibility menu, you will have the option to select the caption mode you want to use. Caption mode can be turned off, on always, or on replay, and there are three options for doing so.

These options are universally applicable across all captions and applications. Therefore, if you select a favourite caption choice in this section, it will be applied to all streaming services, including Hulu and Netflix, as well as Amazon Prime.

When it comes to implementation,

After you have enabled captions in the settings, you will need to stream the movie in order for them to work. You may access the captions window while streaming by using the down button on your remote control. You can select Caption Mode, which is always on, from the menu. The menu will also display the captions and subtitles that are currently available for the video, from which you can select one. The language options for subtitles will be determined by the video publisher, who will upload the number of alternatives accessible for you to stream based on the number of options available.

The subtitles are not appearing.

Subtitles may or may not be available from the videos you are watching, depending on the content you are watching and the original content producer who created the video. Because Roku does not provide a service for subtitles, if you do not see any subtitles, it is possible that the subtitles for this video are not available or have not yet been published. In order to view any such videos, you must first determine whether there are any subtitles available through another application or directly from the content creator.

Pack of Subtitles

Roku, unlike other players, does not allow you to download a subtitles pack and then install it in your Android or iOS device, as is the case with other players. Such a subtitles pack is not capable of being installed in any of the Amazon Prime applications running on Roku. To find out whether there is a problem with the subtitles because of an error and whether the original video on Amazon Prime has subtitles added, you will need to contact support, who will be able to provide you with the necessary information. This means that they will diagnose the problem and provide you with practical troubleshooting techniques that will allow you to get it working again in no time at all, and you will once again be able to use it flawlessly.


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