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Altice vs Optimum: What’s The Difference?

People have been confused for a long time about Altice or Optimum. This is why people often ask questions such as “Is Altice and Optimum secure?” or “What are the differences between their services?” This article will cover Altice Vs. Optimum. Let’s take a look.

Altice vs. Optimum – Are they the Same?

Altice purchased Cablevision in 2016 which led to the acquisition by Optimum. Altice also controls other communication companies such as Suddenlink and Altice Mobile. They tend to operate as separate companies. Let’s find out how they differ from one another!


Optimum has all the services you need, including TV, internet and phone service. They can be quite expensive for some customers. The 940Mbps and 300Mbps plans, for example, are very competitive with their competitors. The 400Mbps plan will cost you less and provide faster speeds.

Optimum doesn’t require you to sign a contract and they still optimize their plans and services for customers. Optimum’s speeds will suffice streaming enthusiasts and large families as well as workspaces. Individual users cannot use the low-speed plans.

Optimum claims they will deliver the promised speed and they keep their word. The price of a 400Mbps plan will not increase for those who choose it, as it is equipped with the Price for Life feature. Their customer service is the most important aspect of such services.

Optimum’s customer service is more helpful than most other service providers and competitors. Optimum’s customer service team will be able to answer your questions and offer possible solutions. There are currently no plans to allow individual users.


Altice, which is the governing company for Optimum, lives up to its name. The $30 monthly package gives users unlimited access to data, text, voice, streaming, mobile Hotspot, and international voice and texts. You will also receive free voice, text, and data services in over 35 countries.

You can only use Altice services if your ZIP Code has Optimum or Suddenlink coverage. Altice can help you create a bundle that meets your personal needs. You will be charged an additional monthly fee.

Altice’s wireless services are excellent and will not be interrupted. This is the best thing about Altice. Altice is an excellent choice because they offer reliable plans and are a great catch. Their reasonable roaming options have allowed them to rise to the top.

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