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Airtel Can t Send Sms Error 38


Airtel Can t Send Sms Error 38 – Here we can see “can t send a message with airtel error 38”

Airtel SMS is not working after the SIM change.

Send SMS to airtel prepaid if your sim stops receiving SMS. If any of these motives occur, don’t worry about it.

There are many reasons why airtel SMS should not function.

This Forged can happen to Airtel’s Prepaid and Postpaid customers:

Reason 1

If airtel SMS does not work after sim change, I am referring to the same system and amount, but with a new SIM. Then you won’t be in a position to Send or Receive SMS for your title for part of safety in Airtel.

If you are using a new sim, then you will not be able to send or receive SMS messages for 48 hours.

Solution 2:

You can call Airtel Customer Care to find out if your options are open to send and receive SMS messages from the mobile network.

Simply put, if your 4G SIM is used to replace your Airtel flexible balance, you will not profit or send SMS for two days.

You won’t be able to send SMS via airtel prepaid and postpaid.

Reason 2

Airtel will block all incoming SMS messages to your cell phone number if you don’t send any SMS or other information within the six-week period.

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Ask them to enable SMS Services and to restart your phone to send SMS. Call Airtel Customer Care.

Reason 3

Your Airtel SMS Centre Number may be incorrect.

Reason 4 :

Sometimes, the timing of your phone’s call can be wrong.


Examine your cell phone’s date and time. Another way to check is to put your SIM on another device. If it works, the problem is with your phone.

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This is why I want to receive an SMS on Airtel.

  1. You can not obtain any SMS in case your Message Player is complete.
  2. You cannot receive any SMS or other information if you are a recent user of the same network.
  3. You may have been triggered. Do not disturb (DND) Support in your Airtel number in case you cannot receive any SMS or message.


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