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3 Ways To Fix Cox Mini Box Blinking Green Light


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Cox mini boxes are a sophisticated TV device that has a smart design and is affordable. Entertainment lovers prefer the Cox mini box over other TV boxes. Many customers want help with the blinking green light. Customers also want to know how to get back into their entertainment world.

This draft will explain why Mini Box’s green lights blink. How can we overcome the flashing green lights issue? This section will provide all information about the topic and offer several troubleshooting suggestions.

What does Cox Mini Box Green Light Blinking mean?

According to the Cox Mini Box manual flashing green means that Cox service is needed. A solid green light that starts blinking indicates that the TV’s connection has been cut. If it appears as a flashing green, you can use the following troubleshooting techniques.

1. Is it possible to stop blinking green light by rebooting?

Many problems can be solved by rebooting. After a few seconds, remove Mini Box from your TV. Next, connect the Mini Box to the TV. Go to the settings by taking the Mini Box remote control. After that, choose the system reboot option. Within a few moments, the reboot will complete.

2. Do we need to contact the Cox Mini Box Customer Care Center

Most TVs can be troubleshooted on several devices. However, the Cox Mini Box has a limited set of solutions. Mini Box’s manual states that if the Mini Box blinks green, then Cox service is required. Please call Mini Box at 1.855.512.8876.

Mini Box customer service center can be reached to discuss the problem of the blinking green light. The customer service representative will give you a guideline on how to turn off the flashing green light. Most cases, the service provider will send a technician to inspect the device. Mini Box will exchange the defective device with a newer model if the technician at Mini Box fails to resolve the problem.

3. What is the best way to check a mini box device on another TV?

If Mini Box’s green light is not blinking, it is likely that your TV is the problem. The Mini Box device should be removed from the TV and installed on another TV. If the Mini Box works on another TV, the Mini Box will work great.


We have given the information necessary to explain the flashing green light. We have listed several possible solutions to the problem, along with brief root causes. Officially, the recommendation is that if the green light turns on, Cox service should be requested.

This article will help you understand the Mini Box green flashing light. We would appreciate your feedback and questions in the comments section. Your questions will be addressed within a very short time.


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