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25 Best Putlocker Alternative in 2018, 2019 & 2019: You Need to Know

Of course, most of us want something valuable, but at a lower price, if it’s free, even better. Putlocker, the most popular website that can meet this need, is a great place to watch films.

The ISPs have restricted access to Putlocker because of its popularity. Many users cannot access online movies and streaming services as easily as they used to. But don’t worry, here are 2019 & 2020’s Best Putlocker Alternatives. These tools will allow you to securely and easily watch TV shows and movies online.

How Putlocker was made famous and what has happened to it

Putlocker was launched in the UK with the domain name placelocker.com in 2011. Putlocker quickly became one of the UK’s most popular websites. Putlocker had nearly 1.6million daily visitors in February 2012.

There has never been any conflict between copyright owners or free users. Putlocker.com was stopped by the UK government in June 2012. It has been a tedious process of changing domain names. From Putlocker.bk and putlocker.is to finally putlocker.me. Now it’s hosting movies and printing 27 categories of TV shows from 40 countries. It is also one the most rare websites that still have material from 1940s.

Google Search Engine has many domains that are branded Putlocker-like. We know what you’re looking for, so we provide the most current and relevant results. In 2019, we will offer you the best 28 Putlocker Alternatives.

Wait! These Alternative Websites are Not Enough You need a VPN!

It is illegal to upload or view licensed movies online. Tax is not required. You could be in legal trouble if you have an ISP.

How can you control Putlocker Alternatives while not worrying about legal implications? VPN is the solution.  VPN (Virtual Private Network), is an anonymous service that allows you to access any streaming website online. A public internet connection can transform your ISP into a private one. VPN services are available to anonymize your internet access. NordVPN is our favorite and we recommend it.

NordVPN is compatible with all mac, windows, iOS, Android and Opera operating systems. You can connect to more 65 countries with the NordVPN App via over 5000 fast servers in just a few taps

With the following introductions, you can easily use NordVPN

  1. Connect to NordVPN’s website at www.nordvpn.com
  2. Select the right policy or payment method that suits you best.
  3. Register and validate your account to activate it.
  4. To install NordVPN, you will need the correct version of your operating systems.
  5. After installation, you can open the server.
  6. Fill in your username and password to use the service

Putlocker is known to have a wide selection of material. You may still be able to participate in these Putlocker Alternatives, which include many remade TV shows and films.

Alternative Website Site Link
1 Go Movies https://www1.gomovies.page/
2 Snag Films https://www.snagfilms.com/
3 Afdah https://afdah.info/
4 TinklePad https://5movies.cloud/movie/filter
5 LosMovies http://losmovies.pro/
6 NiterMovies https://nitermovies.com/
7 Putlockers.cz https://putlockers.cz/
8 HDMovie Center http://www.hdmoviecenter.com/
9 VideoKeeper https://acethinker.com/download-video/download-putlocker.html
10 N3tfl1x https://www.n3tfl1x.stream/
11 Zona http://zona.ru/en/
12 All123Movies https://all123movies.com/
13 Viewster http://viewster.com/
14 Waifu http://www.waifu.ca/
15 Popcornflix https://popcornflix.site/
16 ZeroNet: Play https://www.reddit.com/r/zeronet/comments/48bzw9/play_1000_movies_with_cover_trailer_details_and/
17 Watch Online Series https://watchtvseries.io/
18 Ololo .to https://ololo.to/
19 Yify https://yifymovies.fun/
20 Primewire https://www4.primewire.ac/
21 DuckieTV http://duckietv.github.io/DuckieTV/
22 Rainierland https://rainierland.is/
23 Hubmovie.cc http://hubmovie.cc/
24 Hulu https://www.hulu.com/
25 Popcorn Time https://getpopcorntime.is/

Here are 26 of the Best Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019

#1. Gomovies Alternative Link

You can catch up on the latest TV shows and the theme films. Gomovies are worth a look. This website’s news section is constantly updated, which is what keeps people interested.

It has an intuitive, seamless interface. You can search quickly for your favorite TV shows and movies. While it has a few categories such as Trending, Top IMDB, TV Series, you can choose from a large selection of TV movies.

#2. #2. Alternative Link

SnagFilms must be the second-ranked website on this list. It has high-quality TV shows and movies. Although it doesn’t have a range of media content like the source of Putlocker and Gomovies, it won’t let you down, but trust me. If you’re the kind of guy who keeps on watching films of the same style, you’ve been protected by Snagfilm.

Based on their differences, clips and shows were grouped. All you need to do is pick some movies about your favorite subject, and that’s it. The website will suggest the appropriate movies about the same subject.

Nonetheless, if you’re more worried with high quality or usability, then Snagfilm is worth a visit.

#3 #3. Alternative Link

Afdah can be used as an alternative to Putlocker’s page. Afdah’s search tags include release year, style, region, with varied films and TV shows in general.

Afdah is for you if you’re a fan of an actor or director. With the search option for an actor or director, you can easily keep track of your favorite actors’ movies in a quick and easy way. Your task is to enter an actor or director’s name, and in seconds the findings will be brought up by the database.

If you don’t want to waste hours on a movie you may or may not like, the comment section below can help you a lot. People will share their views on the film’s content, so you can work the way with people around you to be appropriate.

This is a great alternative platform, without doubt.

#4 TinklePad Alternative Link

Once you visit the TinklePad homepage, it will be 5movies.to but don’t worry, you can still easily search for it by clicking the TinklePad title.

The website’s interface is simple and allows you to quickly identify and use tools. TinklePad has many movies to choose from. Search tags like style, launch year or film name can be used to quickly search for the material you are looking for.

TinklePad’s other unique feature is that most of the movies on this website are in HD format. It is not necessary to have your eyes irritated by pixelated images. If you can’t find your film? Don’t be scared. The website offers a variety of connections to other hosting websites.

#5. Los Movies: Alternative Link

With a large library of TV series and films, you can find your favourite content. You can search using the search bar, tags such as genres, release date, actors, and directors. If you are interested in seeing which films people are currently watching, you can use the trending label option at the top row.

Many users use this feature to get ad pop-ups for streaming movies. Sometimes just a misguided tap on the screen, you’re just frustrated with advertisements coming up. Install a pop-up blocking software before streaming movies from this site.

#6 Niter Movies Alternative Link

If you are unfamiliar with the site, this is another alternative site that allows you to view movies free of charge. This is especially true for Netflix fans.

Niter’s website interface is similar to Netflix. You will find a list with all the latest movies on the home page. You can also use the search bar for your films.

If you’re troubled by the advertisements, this place might be perfect for you. No commercials, don’t know how to make money, but this is great for fans.

#7 Putlockers.cz: Alternative Link

We’re back! One of the Son of Putlocker, but he was replaced.

Sites such as Putlocker are often set up outside the U.S. or Eu authorities ‘ control. Copyright owners in these developing countries are not usually allowed to live there. Sites upload content to many channels. It solves legal problems and provides better protection when viewing video films.

Many films can be downloaded in HD quality and offer a wide range of genres, just like the original. You can find a large collection of TV shows and movies under these labels. Only, in case this page is shut down, we don’t forget to put on the connection to the new site of Putlocker.

It’s also possible to watch videos without worrying about commercials. It’s a good choice if you’re still acquainted with Putlocker.

#8.  HD Movie Center: Alternative Link

If you want to stream high-definition films, you can’t ignore this page. This portal also provides information on movies such as previews, scores and posters, as well information about stars. You can also find real user reviews. Anyway, it’s worth finding an alternate putlocker.

#9. #9. Alternative Link

Movies can be downloaded from this website, which is something that no other Putlocker alternative websites allow. You can download movies from this website. These films can be accessed online, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. They can be upgraded to make your computer compatible. Watch videos wherever you are by using the internet. This website is yours.

#10. #10. Alternative Link

Another great site to stream movies online from Putlocker Alternate is this page. There are many high-quality films in his releases. You can find almost every style. Search for movies easily with popular apps like Netflix. You can even watch your phone’s television shows. It’s still worth a visit, even if it’s not the actual one.

#11. #11. Alternative Link

At first glance, it is striking with a simple but attractive interface. This page offers a completely new functionality that may impress you. This page lets you not only watch movies, but also listen or play music and radio. If you don’t have the time to finish the movie, it’s all right. You can save the movie until later. The filter selection will make it easy to find the movie you desire.

#12. #12. Alternative Link

Don’t be fooled with the website’s title. It’s not the same as 123Movies. This is a new model. All123Movies has made tremendous progress in the film business, even though it is still a young company.

With a wide range of TV shows and movies, this slowly wins over the entertainment business. With the home page’s well-organized catalogue, finding the movies you want is simple. You can also search for the most recent update films by searching the genres and the trending alternative.

#13. Viewster Alternative Link

If you’re a real fan of anime, your child is Viewster. The site has a growing collection of anime films. You don’t need to log in or pay anything. All materials can be downloaded for free.

Of course, it won’t let you down. You will find a wide range of information on this site.

#14. Waifu Alternative Link

This page has strengths based on your preferences. This page allows you to watch animation at 720p. The website has translations in various languages such as German, Spanish, French … This website also connected Popcorn Time and Popcornflix films.

#15. Popcornflix Alternative Link

Popcornflix is so popular to those who stream movies every day. Popcornflix allows you to stream movies for free. You can access a large collection of movies. Videos are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are of high quality.     There are many movies available. Popcornflix features a variety of movies that range from adventure and horror to sci-fi, love, and even romance.

If you don’t know which type of movie you want, you can use the list of categories at bottom to browse huge collections of all types of movies.

You’ll have happy moments with your family and friends on your PC Cinema for better quality.

#16 ZeroNet:Play: Alternative Link

If you’re not good with some of the complex computer operations, my advice is to ignore this site. However, the reward can’t be more pleasing if there’s a little patience.

You need to use the ZeroNet URL to reach the portal, but you don’t have to get ZeroNet on your Computer yet. It sounds difficult. It’s not difficult once you get it down. Then you will have access to a wide range of exciting films. You’re fortunate.

#17. Watch Online Series Alternative Link

Do you feel like a television addict? Did you ever feel it’s hard to stop watching your favorite TV shows next episode? Do you ever feel the need for endless viewing of all your favorite TV shows? This online series will make it easy for you to see the world.

The page, like its title, has a long list of popular TV shows that you can’t ignore from Sopranos to Simpsons. Nearly all TV shows are HD quality and every series has at most two mirrors.

When you’re watching, if you don’t want advertisements to bother you, it’s best to download ad blocker until you spend time with your TV series.

#18. Ololo.to Alternative Link

No matter if the movies or TV shows you are watching need to be updated. Ololo is able to fulfill your needs. Its consistency is what I love about this website.

New links from the bot’s thousands of other websites are modified every day. This page has thousands of links to other websites, such as vidcloud, rapidvideo, vidlox, and vidcloud. Ololo makes it easy to instantly access hundreds more websites.

#9. #19. Alternative Link

YIFY, a popular website that allows you to download movies, is a very well-known one. Also known as yts.ag. You will find plenty of TV and movie shows to choose from. YIFY Stream has a second website. It was also started by the creators of YIFY. This website allows you to stream movies directly from the YIFY store. To quickly download high-quality films, you can open this app from your browser.

The website offers many options and features to help you find new content. There are many options for sorting on the YIFY Stream search page. These options include things such as release dates and scores, style, scores, stars, and success. You can watch the film with no ads.

Yify is your corner. All of these services are available. There’s no fee. No tax to pay. Of reality, once you sign up, you’ll have more perks.

#20 Primewire: Alternative Link

Are you a follower of external quality and appearance? This page is important. Many people dislike the template or software. The site offers much more than that. Primewire is a secret treasure that has a vintage look. There are many genres to choose from, including Indie movies and Hollywood.

The website provides the usual video quality options, including small, medium and large. This allows you keep track of your results.

#21. DuckieTV  Alternative Link

This alternative website allows you to download movies and TV shows free of charge. It can be used with Opera and Chrome browsers, or as a standalone device. This method allows you to search for new TV shows and movies.

#22. Rainierland: Alternative Link

Rainierland might be a strange title, but this does not alter the fact that it has the highest quality material and is one of the most sought-after Putlocker Alternatives. You can choose from a wide range of film types.

The streaming films are organized well on the website. You just need to tap the button and you can continue watching the movie.

An interface that is simple. Enjoy relaxing moments with just one click when you visit the page.

#23 Hubmovie.cc  Alternative Link

Another website with old-fashioned material. Hubmovie.cc, even if all the others are down, is still a good option. This page addresses issues that online streaming platforms face, such as misleading advertising and non-functional connections.

There are very few commercials. There are no connections that do not work. Hubmovie.cc offers a user-friendly interface. You can update your TV shows and films on a regular basis to increase your viewership.

#24. Hulu: Alternative Link

Another great alternative site for Putlocker. Hulu is a reliable and secure subscription platform. It is also connected to multiple TV networks, giving you more TV show experience.

I don’t like the two restrictions. Hulu’s features can only be used in the U.S., and you will need to register for it. However, it has the potential to expand internationally.

#25. Popcorn Time Alternative Link

If you don’t want to pay any money on a platform like Hulu streaming films, then you might consider taking a trip to Popcorn Time.  Portal for multiple platforms.

With a simple and enjoyable interface, you can search for films of your choice. It has different sections of the web including classes, recently added, future, etc… These are quite helpful to discover new movies to watch on Popcorn Time.

You can watch your favorite TV shows or movies online.

To fully take advantage of popcorn time, you must mount it. It’s also perfect as an Ios program or as a Windows software.


There are many streaming websites that offer Putlocker as an alternative. These are some of these Here are the Best Alternatives to Putlocker for 2019, you’re going to have an infinite wealth from the early to the latest movies.

Recall quickly! To ensure your safety when watching movies that contain copyrighted material, make sure you use the VPN connection.

Playcast Media hopes that you’ll have a wonderful time with your family and friends as they watch films. You can leave comments below with any suggestions.

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