123 Hp Deskjet 2622 Printer Scan to Computer Setup

  • HP Deskjet 2622 scan to Computer.
  • Check the code HP Smart.
  • Printer Web Scan to Scan Hp.com / DJ2622 Printer.
  • Window and Mac Hp Desktop 2622
  • To a device, scan to a Laptop.
  • Printer Scan Setup Hp.com / DJ2622 Scan Setup

Hp DJ2622 Printer Scan to Computer Setup

On your Windows desktop, you can search files by using the HP Quick search or HP Smart program. On your Mac desktop, you can use the HP Easy scanning application, Apple Image Capture, or the HP Scan Software.

123.Hp.Com / Setup 2622 Printer Smart APP

  • Complete your printer’s device list and download the HP Smart app from your app shop.
  • Click the document scan tile and open the HP Smart app. The paper will be read once you’ve tapped on the screen.

Hp DJ 2622 Printer Scan to Computer

Scan to Computer Setup on Windows

If you have a window computer and an HP printer, this chapter is for you. On your Windows Desktop, you can find the scanning methods here. For each version of the window, you have to follow the different techniques. The following are the descriptions of hp Deskjet 2622.

Hp Com DJ2622 Printer Scan for Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP

  1. Go to your Computer’s desktop.
  2. Hit the beginning.
  3. Continue to choose every program.
  4. Hit the Max. Hit the Max.
  5. Choose your printer directory HP Deskjet 2622 now.
  6. You must now select in your scan section to manage your computer scan.
  7. Then select the button Activate.
  8. Download the app from the App Store for Windows Fax and Search.
  9. On the Navigation Panel, select the Scan button.
  10. Then choose New Scan from the choice toolbar.
  11. Use the Preview option to obtain the document overview.
  12. Tap Save option to save the scanned document.
  13. To enjoy soft printing or problems to solve with an immediate solution, call us.


Hp Com DJ2622 Printer Scan for Windows 8, Windows 8.1

  1. Go to the screen start.
  2. Click on an empty surface right-click.
  3. Your application bar or all the applications should be clicked.
  4. You now have to pick the printer’s name.
  5. Tap utilities. Select utilities.
  6. For this Document, prepare the scanner bed. On the glass scanner, position the paper.
  7. Open and download the HP Scan and Capture App Store.
  8. When the app has been downloaded, set it up on your desktop.
  9. Click the menu button and pick the List option settings.
  10. Press System Pick and select the hp com setup printer DJ 2622.
  11. To make changes, click Document Scan Options.
  12. Tap the Capture option on the Document. To save the scanned Document, use the save option.

How to scan A document from Windows file using HP Deskjet 2622

  1. Load your original file into the feeder or load the original print page in the right angle to your glass scanner.
  2. Double-click on the icon of the printer.
  3. Click on the down button for the name of the printer if you are using Windows 8.1.
  4. Press the Start button to the right if you use Windows.

Windows HP Printer scanning with HP Scanner Tool

  • When you click on start your screen, go to all programs, then press HP on the printer tab, pick a Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP printer icon.
  • Click the printer software on a document for scanning. Choose the type of scan and then click on the scan.
  • You can save files as a PDF file, save them as a PDF file and save them as a JPEG image.

DJ 2622 Printer Scan to MAC Computer

This chapter is for you with a MAC machine and a scanner for the HP printer. The search methods on your MAC desktop can be found here. The explanations on how to scan using hp Deskjet 2622are given below and follow the different techniques for each version of the MAC.

HP Deskjet 2622 Scan using Mac OS X scan

  • Open the application folder in the top level of your hard disk to scan your HP.
  • The scan form you want must now be picked.
  • Follow the instructions for the on-screen setup.
  • Change scans settings to your requirements: type of image file, scan resolution, and level of contrast.
  • Scan the cloud drives and network folders. You have to adjust the images before scanning. A summary is also possible.
  • Click on the show.

Scan to a Mac computer with Hp com DJ2622 printer

  • Ensure the HP and Mac printers are working.
  • Connect your laptop and printer to the same local network via USB or Ethernet cable.
  • Place the ink cartridges in your paper tray with paper.
  • First, switch to the scanning software section.
  • Open the scanner deck and hold the printed Document in the scanner bottle. The printed side faces down the scanner’s glass.
  • The HP Easy Scan application store opens and downloads.
  • Select the Scanner Drop-down option for your hp com dj2622 printer name.
  • Choose the scanning with the option Presets.
  • Then click on Search. And then. And then.
  • It is possible to adjust the colors, straighten the scan, or cut the size.
  • Tap Send and then press the tab. Submit.
  • When editing the file name, you can use the Prefix field.
  • Tap where and choose a folder. Tap were an option.

Finally, press Save to save the scanned file.