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DeskJet 2622 Webscan using a wireless home printer

In hp.com/dj2622, the printer has different features, particularly (Webscan scanning), if you felt scanned using Webscan is complicated, don’t worry, we provide scan support, follow the instructions provided.

123 HP com deskjet2622 Printer to enable Webscan

  • An Internet scan can be used to obtain exemplary scanning outputs. Instructions can be used to activate the internet scan.
  • Turn on the computer before you move ahead. Find the Printers and Devices choice. Select the correct computer in this set.
  • Get the best driver to the HC page. Continue to complete the printer driver configuration.
  • Find the 2622 scanner and click Manage wireless home printer. Pick from the list of that option to your printer.
  • Please go through the Scan option to understand its status. When the scan is off, you can follow the screen directions.
  • After activation, search again. Please wait a while for it to be updated.


  1. Use the Web scan after taking the above steps to scan your files.
  2. Your computer should have a built-in webserver to connect with a web scan service.
  3. Make sure the wireless home printer 2622 has enough paper and ink cartridges on the paper plate.
  4. Set preferences for fast scanning using the printer control panel.
  5. Find out more about the scanning method on the Scan tab.

HP com deskjet2622 Scan with Webscan Overview Details

  1. Connect your hp com deskjet2622 printer to the same Chrome book network.
  2. Touch Screen Printer: Setup, Wireless Configuration Wizard (WSW) begins with the internet menu. If requested, select your WLAN name and follow the instructions on how to type the WLAN password to complete this setup.
  3. Type of button printer: Hold down the hp.com/dj2622 Wireless button and press the “0wireless” router button. Press and hold down the WPS button.
  4. Get the 2622 IP wireless home printer, the identification number given for the Network Setup printer DJ 2622.
  5. Find the IP address settings of the Internet if you have an HP com DJ 2622 printer with a touch screen or menu-based control bar. Print, a wireless settings page, to collect the IP address for a printer without a menu control panel.
  6. Type IP address in the Chrome search and then press the Open Deskjet 2622 Drucker type, Embedded Web Server (EWS) Type.
  7. Tap the top screen scanner.
  8. Tap Settings from the top line, Select Protection, and press Settings for Administrator.
  9. A message is showing that your HTTPS-enabled page is being redirected. Click Alright or Return to
  10. If the private message doesn’t reveal your link, click Progress, and then click Check.
  11. Select the box next to the Webscan, tap Add and press OK in the EWS Administrator Settings.

Back to the Deskjet 2622 wireless home printer menu; choose from the scanner in the menu Settings from the scanner available, then click Start scanning.