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0x86000c09 : Windows 10 Mail App Sync Error Fixed


Another Windows email app sync error. This sync error is becoming more frequent as the days go by. The mail app’s error code 0x86000c09 stops the synchronisation between sent and received addresses. Manual synchronisation throws up error messages

We have already discussed how to fix the error message 0x8500201D in your mail app. We’re going to see how to fix the 0x86000c09 error today.

What is the reason for the 0x86000c09 code error?

Anything that clashes with the Sync is unacceptable and the Sync doesn’t go beyond the simple explanation of why this error code occurs. Syncing mail is important for all of us. It may fail due to Network Connectivity problems, but it is rare.

Server down can cause a mail app error 0x86000c09. This isn’t a problem that affects the user. But again that’s just very unusual. We have a workaround for the Windows 10 mail app which almost guarantees that the error code 0x86000c09 will be fixed.

Fixing Mail app Error 0x86000c09

We usually share more than one solution to an error code or problem that users encounter, but this particular error in Outlook is the only one. It is not possible to solve this problem with the method we will share. This means that the process of correcting errors does not have to be complex.

Remove the device to fix error 0x86000c09

This would resolve the problem by removing your computer’s name from the list of computers that sync your email address. This is easy and you will learn the steps below.

  • Outlook.com http://www.
  • Register now if you are not a registered user.
  • Once you have signed up, click the Settings icon in upper left corner.
  • Click on the Options tab.
  • Next, go to the General section and then to Mobile Devices.
  • Just look for the computer, and then press the delete button.
  • After the computer is disabled, go to the Mail app and re-sync.

These steps can be used to fix any mail app problem that causes it not to sync with error code 0.86000c09. This has been proven to work for many users, so we are certain that it will work for you.

We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to hear from you about whether these solutions have worked for you. If this doesn’t help, we will update this article with some more troubleshooters.


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